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Services Provided

Neuropsychological Services

Neuropsychological Assessment

Dr. Maher conducts pediatric neuropsychological evaluations in order to look at learning and behavior in relationship to your child’s brain. The evaluation consists of formal testing of abilities such as memory and language skills to assess brain functioning. After conducting the evaluation, Dr. Maher interprets the test results and makes recommendations.

Dr. Maher can serve as a case manager, following your child over time, in order to adjust recommendations to your child’s changing needs and can also provide treatment, such as behavior management or psychotherapy. Dr. Maher will work closely with the child's physician to manage the child’s problems as well as with the school to help them provide appropriate educational programs for your child.

Psychotherapeutic Services

Dr. Maher offers weekly psychotherapeutic services for children and their families. She uses play therapy and cognitive behavioral techniques to work with children. Her emphasis is on helping children learn about themselves and the world around them. Teaching strategies such as problem solving, self-regulation, and perspective taking are a few of the interventions that she implements regularly. Children will find that the office is a comfortable place to play, while working on their social skills and emotional regulation!

ABA Services

Functional Behavior Assessment

A Functional Behavior Assessment is a completed in order to collect information about behavior and plan for intervention.

Early Intensive Behavior Intervention

Early Intensive Behavior Intervention is appropriate for children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Programs are individualized to meet the needs of the child and family. Goals are developed based on a comprehensive Functional Behavior Assessment. The curriculum is developmentally based and focused on socially significant areas. The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (Parington & Sundberg, 1998) or The Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (Sundberg, 2008) will be used in order to assess current and ongoing development.

Research indicates that intensity, ideally 40 hours of 1:1 intervention per week, is crucial for the successful outcome of programming for children with Autism (Lovaas et al, 1973, 1987). Family training is an imperative component, in that family members, once extensively trained in the methods utilized, can apply interventions during most of the child’s waking hours.

Family Behavior Consultation

Family Behavior Consultation is appropriate for children of any age, who are at risk or have been diagnosed with a Developmental Disability. The intervention is focused on training the family members to implement interventions that will address socially significant behaviors.

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